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“In my professional journey from the Metropolitan Museum of Art to consulting with fashion and high-jewelry brands, I have developed a passionate research methodology, that combined with in-depth cultural knowledge, allows me to craft meaningful content for the marketing, training and PR needs of clients in the luxury industry.”

Luxury in Context

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CURATING: Brands approach me to research their extensive paper archives and extract documents that honor their history, highlight their core values, and tell their stories. After an extended period of research, I select documents that best reflect the brands’ DNA and cultural heritage. These documents are then used in the context of anniversary celebrations, brand exhibitions, or new product launches.


RESURRECTING: Some companies have changed hands so many times that their archives have been lost along the way and need resurrecting. On the occasion of their 100th anniversary, Maybelline (L’Oréal) sought to revisit the birth of their brand’s spectacular success. After six months of research across four New York libraries, I pieced together the history of Maybelline, delivering both a paper and digital archive comprised of over 500, carefully selected documents to be used in their anniversary campaign.


CREATING: On important anniversaries, brands approach me to create a 360-degree view of their business that captures their past, preserves their legacy, and prepares for what’s to come. Tracing the origins of these brands, I unearth their artistic inspiration and provide all necessary material, written and researched, to constitute both a physical and digital archive.



  • TRAINING MATERIAL: From concept to creation, I develop internal training material of the brand’s core values and product information for sales associates to communicate to their clients

  • COLLECTION BOOKS: I create the story behind a collection and describe every product/high jewelry piece in a book to be gifted to clients

  • GENERAL PUBLICATIONS: Upcoming - Silvia Furmanovich, (Assouline), fall 2020



TALKS & MUSEUM VISITS exploring art and/or jewelry for cultural organizations:


  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art

  • The Cultivist

  •  GemX

  • L’ÉCOLE, the School of Jewelry Arts (supported by Van Cleef & Arpels)


I prepare and deliver presentations during client engagement experiences, holding their attention by the use of historical anecdotes to convey the brand’s key messages. My presentations are tuned to my audience whether they are journalists, sales associates or members of the public. My speeches feature extensive research, influenced and enriched by my perspective as an Art Historian and my knowledge of the brand.


I merge my background in art history with my experience conducting archival research to develop training curricula for luxury retail brands. Delivered one-on-one, via webinar, or in groups of up to 250, these training sessions educate sales teams and are designed to cater to each salesperson’s strengths, interests, and comfort levels.


  • Discussing Art: tools for sales associates to engage with clients who collect Art


  • Jewelry “upselling:” collecting art and collecting jewelry, a similar approach?


  • Art Market highlights: how are they relevant to the jewelry market?


  • What is it all about? A brief overview of the today’s Art World


  • Materials, technique and creative impulse: a common language between artists and the “golden hands”


A Passion for Contemporary Art and Jewelry Design

Beatrice Del Favero is an Art Historian archive curator, writer, speaker and training specialist . Armed with an Art History undergraduate degree from Paris’ Ecole du Louvre and a master’s degree from London’s Courtauld Institute, she began her career with thirteen years at the Metropolitan Museum of Arts before becoming a sought-after researcher and lecturer.


Beatrice now contributes her expertise to exhibitions, books, archives, and retail training curricula for some of the world’s most iconic luxury brands. She regularly delivers talks at L’École, School of Jewelry Arts, supported by Van Cleef & Arpels and, on occasion, at other cultural organizations like The Cultivist and GemX. Adding writing to her repertoire, she recently authored a book about Brazilian jewelry designer, Silvia Furmanovich, which will be published by Assouline in Fall 2020. For an authentic glimpse into Beatrice’s passion for merging jewelry and the arts, visit her Instagram @artstacksandgems, where she draws compelling parallels between some of her favorite pieces.


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